The Junior Job Coach Training Programme page

The Junior Job Coach Training Programme is based on the Competence Framework & designed to be offered to higher-level students. These students should have completed their own work placement successfully or already be an apprentice.

The training programme is in the form of a series of workshops that will provide a thorough preparation of coaching qualities and skills. The design is flexible, so that it can be delivered as a pick & mix, in different modes and different contexts, so that you have your own customised programme. 

A major feature of the training is the Innovative use of new forms of communication: the use of social media as a support mechanism and other modern means such as a Video Pitch and Speed Dating.

Following the Speed Dating process students identified at risk in work placements and apprenticeships are matched with a higher-level student, the Junior Job Coach. This method seeks to achieve maximum compatibility with needs of the at-risk student and the skills of the Junior Job Coach

Training providers who offer the JJC training programme are encouraged to award a Junior Job Coach Certificate to the students and trainees who complete the training programme.

Download Junior Job Coach Training Programme (PDF)
Download  The Junior Job Coach Certificate (PDF)